Why A Photographer Can Help You

Arrrgh!  The days when I could go out when I wanted, where I wanted seems a long time ago.

For those that know me, writing does not come easy, however it is important to let you know the joys and the struggles I have as a photographer and share my thoughts on various topics.

The Beach and Mental Health!

I love the smell of the salty scents in sea air, the different textures of the varying landscapes, the freedom you can enjoy, the pleasure of young and old(er) just being engulfed in their play and relaxation.  The dogs that run free, jumping through the waves or swimming, then returning to shake it all off onto those around them! The chance to take 100 photos on your phone of the children and the dog just being themselves!  The beach provides so much fun, and it’s great for your mental health as well.  Did you know that just 10-15 min of sun exposure, particularly in the morning, provides you with your daily Vitamin D requirements?

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Seeing your family together

Like most folk, I am sure you have hundreds of photos on the computer or the phone, just sat there and not really viewed often.  I have so many photos of Seth alone, a few of him with my wife and boys, but only one photo of us together as our complete family.


Because it’s normally mum taking all the photos (it’s the other way around in our house!).

We had some professional photos a few years ago and that photo sits in the centre of the wall in our front room.  Every day I look at it and it reminds me of my blessings in my family being together in that moment.  The image below is a friend who asked for photos of the dogs to be taken and while I watched them I took this photo.  It’s so candid but why do I like it so much?  Because it will remind them (as it does me) of the fun they had that day with their dogs – the laughter shared (one of them was crying with laughter after this photo).

New photos styles.

You Create The Moment ~ I Capture The Moment ~ You Keep The Moment


When taking photos most people say “sit” and take the photo, but you are also trying to manage your dog’s behaviour as you take the shot!  By having a photographer there, they will be looking for light, for situations to arise in natural movement and capturing those less formal photos which are often so much more expressive of your dog’s character and the relationship you share.

Capture the special moment.

I love the photos showing your connection or special moments, or when the family are together, or a baby arrives at the setting and the dog and baby meet.  I want you to look back and smile at the times you shared with beautiful photos that captured that time.  When a dog passes, their story carries on with memories, supported by the visual prompts of beautiful images.

To conclude – to walk into a room with a photo of your family including your pet will make you smile, it will keep the story going, but most of all it will forever display the love you have for pets.

I hope you enjoyed this read, and as always please comment on the content,