Walk 1- Bintree Woods

 Do you remember when you were younger the excitement of an adventure to somewhere new?  The not knowing where to go first when you arrived?  The wanting to rush off and explore but having to be held back by your adults while they assessed the area and planned a route?  This feeling, that’s just like it is for your dog every time you go out together.  Every. Single. Time.  (It’s just that you are now the responsible adult and the dog is your child self!)


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So think about it for a minute.  When you go out for walkies, do you stick to the same old route, visiting your local haunts?  It’s easy.  It doesn’t require planning and everyone knows the direction to go.  Yet to your dog, it’s a new experience every time.  They don’t mind if you walked that route only a few hours ago or several weeks ago.  Their ultimate drive is to utilise their senses as much as they can.  It’s the ultimate in mental stimulation for the canine!  Yet they still need you there to guide them in the right direction.  They’re relying on you being a part of their adventure – so building the bond you share.  It’s not just about the physical requirement to keep them active and healthy, it’s all encompassing for the body, mind and senses.  The same applies to you too.  That feeling of achievement when you get home from a good stroll, regardless of the weather or the route.  You too have engaged in a physical workout, stimulated your senses in what you see, hear, and smell (even if you don’t recognise that) and given your mind time to process emotions as you walk.  It’s proven to be good for our mental health, we all know that.  So don’t let the weather or your location put you off.  Just get out there!  Your dog can’t go without you!

Over the coming weeks I’ll be recording video logs on some locations near to my home.  Make sure you keep checking in to see if your local route is there, or to find inspiration for where you could visit.  I’d welcome your feedback and suggestions if you know of any other areas which you feel could fit the dog-walking bill.  In the video logs you’ll likely see my wife Suzanne and our dog Seth starring in them with me, maybe occasionally the boys too.  You see we like to make it a family affair when we go exploring and some of these destinations will be new to us.  The same principle applies to this business.  We like to all play a role in it.  Whether it’s starring in the video logs or location images, helping with the editing of the videos or images, writing up or proofreading these pieces, or suggesting ideas to grow the business.  As lockdown restrictions are eased you might speak to Suzanne rather than myself with your enquiries and to make bookings.  Or she may be present at your shoot – to provide a helping hand either with my equipment, if you need assistance with handling more than one dog at the shoot, or to take recordings of the shoot for continued promotional use.  It’s also quite handy to dip into her knowledge as a Registered Veterinary Nurse when I need to consider the safety and wellbeing of our client’s pets!  So you see, by doing this together, we really do cover all aspects.



~ You Create The Moment ~ I Capture The Moment ~ You Keep The Moment ~

So now can I ask a favour of you? Please can you share a photo and  a place you love to walk your pet? Either post in the comments below or you can email me at steven@pawtraitsbysteve.co.uk

I love the connection pet owners have through the stories of the animals we love, so please share your favourite stories.

If you want to have your photo/memory captured so that your pet’s story never ends please feel free to contact me on steven@pawtraitsbysteve.co.uk