North Elmham Dog walk 2

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We are currently starting to explore more walks around the area to find new locations which are on our door step but not yet discovered by us which are beautiful for our eyes but also dog friendly. We headed out to North Elmham with the dog and the family, parking at Church Ln, North Elmham, Dereham NR20 5JU.

On arrival we discovered from the map in the parking area there is a site called Millennium Woods in the vacinity which is closed in for dogs, see the link below.

Once you enter the Norman Chapel ruins you are taken aback by the beauty of the area. What a delight! Around each corner new scenery to take in. There are several routes you can take in this area, one of them leading you towards county school.

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The area is a lovely terrain for walking dog, it’s soft underfoot and once through the first gate your dog is able to walk on grass of varying lengths even if on a short lead. This will be kind to older joints as there will be less impact with the ground as there would be on a concrete footpath. By not being roadside it allows your dog the freedom to explore alongside the beaten track too, giving them the opportunity to use all of their senses. Remember this is burning energy aswell, so resulting in that satisfying nap when you get home. You can enhance this element if your dog is responsive to edible treats or a particular toy by making them sit or lay down while you hide the object just a short distance away and then send them to find it. Make use of the ruins, felled trees, stumps, undergrowth, benches, gate posts etc to hide the objects behind or under.

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Should your dogs have such a condition as arthritis the key is not to encourage the exercise to be too aggressive or too long in duration. So if your dog likes to chase and retrieve a ball or a soft frisbee then carry on doing that but don’t be tempted by the open space of the meadow to throw a distance, keep it close. Just a few metres is far enough to get the body moving and provide some play time with you, but without too much effort on those joints to get to the object quickly. It doesn’t have to be constant play, which would also prevent the senses used for exploring from being used. Periods of nice sedate strolling close to you with a limited number of planned retrievals is the idea. Plus we understand that the meadow is full of wildflowers and a vast array of butterflies and insects in the summer months. Birds of Prey can be seen on bright days throughout the year. What a perfect excuse to just sit and relax in the surroundings together. Finally, keep watch on your dog’s posture and behaviour. With arthritis the indication that they’ve had enough can be so subtle, especially if you’re both enjoying the time outside. They may want to keep retrieving for fun, but you need to monitor them and learn to determine what distance or length of active time is suitable for your dog without it causing stiffness or pain after the rest which follows your adventure. The beauty of this route is that it allows you to control how far you go and for how long you are there.

The meadows beyond the ruins will bring you closer to nature together and is a great place to interact with your family and pets. Do you have any locations that you think are suitable for less able walkers and their pets?
Please add photos of any and let us know where they are so we can continue to explore these amazing walks.

So, go on. Explore North Elmham. Then tell me how you find the location.

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