Covid ending, business to start again, but what have we learned!

Hi there, I am Steve and welcome to my blog. 


Today blog will be short and sweet.  Why?  Because like many of us, we are struggling with emotions, words and thoughts due to being in lockdown for so long.  It has however given the chance for people like me to start something new and discover their creative side.

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At the start of the pandemic, I wondered how I would struggle with the lockdown as I thrive in being outside and getting creative with what nature provides.  I’m a people person too, so I was worried how I would cope with that.  After the initial period I felt I needed to set myself a challenge of a new project which would occupy me both short and long term.  Thus the conception of Pawtraits by Steve!  On my journey I have found new locations to explore and photograph, often with the dog and household in tow!  I’ve met new people either socially distanced or online, both personally and professionally, found new products, and I’ve developed new techniques for building a business rather than just satisfying the need for a hobby.

Setting the foundations of my new business has been a saving grace for me and given me a sense of purpose during such a long period.  Had the pandemic not struck I may not have ever thought of (or had the time to) begin such a venture.  Is there anything new that you’ve started in past year?

I really value communication with people.  Please let me know what you think of my journey so far, or what you would like to see from my business.  You can contact me via my social media sites or you can email me at