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Well, what a phone call!  I was contacted by the owner of this amazing dog and asked to do a photo shoot.  The process was simple as always, dates were agreed and invoice sent and settled, we were set to go ahead. 


I was excited about photographing Enzo as I had seen many photos and videos of him on social media – he looks a big lad and so much fun!  The day came and I had a quick chat with the owner, and then that moment…. the boot of the car was opened!  Here he was, this massive ball of fluff in a puppy who was very excited! 

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A short walk into the woods.  We walked around for a little while so the dog could get used to the settings and calm down!  Not a chance!  It also gave me and the owners the time to discuss what they were looking for from their shoot.  Their expectations were “We will see what we can get him to do, he is only 8 months old”. 

So, I sat on the floor with my camera and called him.  He came charging at me like a ball of wool being thrown at you, he’d smelt the sausage! (owner permission granted).  Enzo quickly sat down and was soon my best mate.  Why do I sit down? Well, a couple of reasons – to allow the dog to see I am no danger and allow them to see/smell the camera, giving them a treat or two.  This helps when taking the photos because they then respond to the camera as a way of getting a reward.  He certainly learned this quickly!  

After 15 min of laughter with this bundle of fun we took some photos.  He was amazing!  Honestly one of my favorite shoots.  Mum and Dad were also up for having some fun and their inclusion in the photos.  The session was so much fun I could have stayed there all day.  

As a photographer I love getting out with the camera because it really takes away my #mentalstress so a big thanks to Enzo for the relief his shoot provided that day.  I donate £5 from every shoot I complete to a #mentalhealth charity as it really worries me that there are people who do not have the privilege of the freedom photography or other hobbies can bring. 

So now can I ask a favour of you? Please can you share a photo and something you love about your pet? Either post in the comments below or you can email me at steven@pawtraitsbysteve.co.uk

I love the connection pet owners have through the stories of the animals we love, so please share your favourite stories.

If you want to have your photo/memory captured so that your pet’s story never ends please feel free to contact me on steven@pawtraitsbysteve.co.uk