We have a Studio!

Hi Everyone!  If you’re more of website surfer than a social media follower you may have noticed I’ve been “missing in action” so to speak.  There is a valid reason for this, I’m so excited about it and thought I’d share a little bit of joy for you…. We have a studio!


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 There’s just been too many occasions where the weather has not held out for us, and not all dogs are suited to being off lead for those relaxed or action shots, so an indoor setting has become all the more essential.  The studio is behind a wedding emporium with it’s own access for our four-legged friends.  The main studio space was previously a veterinary operating theatre and laboratory, and there’s a viewing office and entrance which was kennel accommodation in it’s past use. 


We’ve been badgering away around our daily work patterns to get everything ready in time for our grand opening.  It’s not always been an easy journey, but then the things that are worth the effort never do come easily, right?  I’m proud to say that each member of the family has been involved in some way and I couldn’t have achieved any of this without them.  That’s why you’ll always see my blogs and company referring to “us” or “we” – it’s a family venture.  Now let me try to give you an idea of how the studio transformation came about….

So, within the first week of having the keys we ripped out all the cupboards and worktop to really open up the studio itself, which has had several coatings of white paint to all walls.  A doorway has been boarded off to allow separation from the wedding shop and surplus electrical points have been handled by our electrician.  Two of the walls are a painted brick so they have a lovely texture and homely feel, there are differently coloured backdrops mounted to one wall.  We shopped to find the most suitable and attractive gorgeous laminate floor (and wifey sourced a decent size of fake lawn which can be rolled out).  The old kennel area has had existing high-level cupboards relocated so a worktop can be fitted to facilitate our customer’s viewing of their images with me after their shoot session.

We’re really pleased with how it’s all come together.  If you don’t already have a booking with us, why not take a look at our package details or give us a call directly to chat with Steve? 07857 365417 

We’re officially taking PawtraitsbySteve to the next level, so follow us on;  (FB https://www.facebook.com/pawtraitsbysteve or instagram- @ pawtraitssteve If you want to have your photo/memory captured so that your pet’s story never ends please feel free to contact me on steven@pawtraitsbysteve.co.uk