Seth was wanting to share a few words about his recent explorations since the lockdown has begun to ease.  I hope you’ll enjoy hearing from him!…


Hi Friends!  I just have to share with you what’s been going on in my world recently! You would not believe how things have changed in the past few of months!

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So, we started the year with pretty much the same level of activity as we saw all of last year from my hooman keepers, not a lot!  I’m told it’s because of “the covid”.  Either they’re all exhausted after their day at work, they’re bored of the same local route (I’m not) or there’s just not been enough time in the day.  This means that, you’ve guessed it, my breakfast and dinner portions have been smaller.  How is that even fair?!  So, when they’re all out I check around the house to see if I can find anything which has been left unsupervised!  So far I’ve found cookies on a windowsill, a half bowl of muesli, a brand new tub of my joint supplement “sweeties”, and the other day the “oldest son” (as they call him) had left me a whole plate full of Chinese takeaway – yummy!  He’s now my favourite hooman.  Some days I have to go to Mums work after finding out my treats and they make me sick, other days it doesn’t matter – it’s so confusing!


Anyway.  Mum and Dad have started taking me every weekend to this amazing place.  It’s like a big field with a tall fence around it.  It’s in the middle of nowhere so there’s no scary lorries or risk of bumping into dogs or owners I’m not keen on.  When we’re there they take my lead off and let me run around.  I’m not normally allowed to run around without my lead on, they say I don’t come back but that’s because I want to explore and meet new dogs.  My friend Maisie comes along and the hoomans chat as they wander around.  Maisie only has three legs now and doesn’t like to go far from the hoomans, but she is the sweetest girl and loves sausage pieces just like me!  And recently a completely new friend appeared too, Tilly.  She’s only young and she’s great fun!  She likes exploring the play tunnel with me and playing ‘fetch’ of the squeaky Kong ball with my boss.  We get our photos taken lots, sometimes get the hoomans to jump over the agility obstacles and we all run around like crazy things (including some of the hoomans!).  Then we get to go home and snooze for a while.

So there you go, Seth’s seal of approval for the outdoor
space we hire for dog exercise.  It’s
always nicely cut, clean with several dog bins to use, fresh water supply and
bowls for the dogs, and with a lovely hut to sit in or out on the picnic
benches with a flask if you fancy.  https://www.facebook.com/Manor-Farm-Dog-Meadow-105411617837646  If your dog is also not so reliable off-lead we do have approval with the owners to hold
photoshoot sessions here if it would suit you. 
If you think this may be of interest give us a call to discuss the possibility
and we can work out dates around what is available. 07857 365417

So now can I ask a favour of you? Please can you share a photo and something you love about your pet? Either post in the comments below or you can email me at steven@pawtraitsbysteve.co.uk

I love the connection pet owners have through the stories of the animals we love, so please share your favourite stories.

If you want to have your photo/memory captured so that your pet’s story never ends please feel free to contact me on steven@pawtraitsbysteve.co.uk