6 Creative Dog Photography Ideas to Really Capture Your Pooch’s Personality

When it comes to taking pictures of your dog, we’ve all snapped a few with our phone. If your dog is curled up asleep, or snuggled up with you, it’s easy to take a couple of quick pics to share with your friends and family. Your dog looks adorable, you’ll hear a chorus of “aww”, and that’s great!

But what if you want to capture your dog in a more creative pose? Or, you want to really show off their personality in your pics? Well, that’s a bit more difficult – but it can certainly be done!

Here are our top 6 creative dog photography ideas that you can use to really bring out and capture your dog’s special personality.

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1. Wet dog portraits

It might sound like a recipe for a mess, and to be honest, it often is. But water can also be the perfect opportunity to take some truly special photos of your favourite pooch – so long as you make sure the camera is waterproof!

Bath time is a great time to snap some adorable pics of your dog with wet fur or covered in shampoo. You can experiment with long exposures (or just try and get the timing right!) while they shake themselves dry, too, for some hilarious results.

With a proper waterproof camera and a pool, underwater dog photography often yields some amazing results. Try holding the camera right at the water line to capture your dog’s head above the surface and their legs below for a remarkable angle.

2. Food based dog photography

A bit of an old favourite, but you really can’t beat a portrait of a dog with its eyes totally focused on a treat, just ready to pounce. Or mid-jump, jaws wide open ready to catch. Photos like this can be hard to time, but the reward of immortalising the image of your pet concentrating on catching their favourite tasty treat is well worth it.

3. Silhouettes

This style of dog photography is a little more unusual and requires understanding of lighting and shot composition. For a silhouette image, you’ll need to position a light source, either the sun or an artificial light, directly behind your dog. Then, reduce your exposure to make the silhouette of your dog dark behind the light source.

These are a little tricky to get right, but when you do, you’ll be rewarded with dog photography that’s really something special.

4. Dogs in motion

Another real favourite, capturing dogs in motion can lead to a lot of snaps that don’t quite look right, but if you stick with it, you’ll find you can eventually get the perfect shot. The key thing with dog photography is the take pictures of your dog in their natural environment, and what could be better than pictures of them running around their favourite park or field.

Throwing toys or recalling your dog is a good way to capture them running around in the right direction for you to point the camera. Why not use a photography session as a bit of a training session too, and work on your dog’s recall and follow skills?

5. Sleeping or yawning

As we’ve already mentioned, sometimes you just can’t beat a picture of a dog while it’s sleeping. Whether they’re drooling, dreaming or just catching a quick nap, capturing sleeping dogs can lead to some of the most adorable dog portraits around.

Try capturing your dog just before bed time, too – a yawning or sleepy dog can bring out a whole different side to their personality that you can photograph.

Just remember the saying “let sleeping dogs lie” – your dog might not thank you if you accidentally wake them up just to take a photo!

6. Owner interactions

Our last dog photography idea is to capture owner interactions. Obviously, this is difficult to do if it’s just you and your dog, but if you can get your friends and family to try and capture you interacting with your dog, it’ll create beautiful memories that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Whatever the interaction, whether you’re cuddling, playing or just quietly walking along, your dog is at its most natural when it’s with its best friend – you!

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