What are the Best Backdrops for Pet Photography?

When it comes to pet photography, of course you want your treasured furry friend to be the centre of every shot. But it’s important to also think about the backdrop and landscape that you choose. Think about your favourite photos – what really makes the difference is the level of detail and beauty in the background as well as the photo subject in the foreground.

Of course, with pet photography there’s another consideration than just the aesthetics of the shot. You need to be heading out into locations that your pet is comfortable with, otherwise you’ll get unnatural, forced images, or you might struggle to get your pet to even sit still long enough to get a photo.

In this article, we’re going to give you some creative ideas for the best backdrops for pet photography. We’ve broken them down into outdoor landscapes that you can explore, as well as some options for amazing indoor backdrops that you could use in a home studio set up, whether temporary or permanent.

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Outdoor landscape backdrops

With outdoor landscapes, really the primary thing you’re looking for is a location where your pet is comfortable, and ideally familiar with the environment. So, think about your favourite walk locations – where has a great backdrop?

Here are a few ideas of locations that make amazing backdrops:


A forest or woods make for a great backdrop for dog photography. Dogs will naturally dart in and out of undergrowth, and the dappled or mixed light caused by the trees will create interesting portraits.


Another great location for dog photography is the beach. Try going at sunset or sunrise for beautiful, wide landscapes with amazing golden lighting. Plus, dogs interacting with sand or water makes for some great action photography.


Wide open spaces always make for great dog photography – a handsome dog sat with a beautiful green and blue horizon spread out behind them is always a winner. An open field makes for a beautiful backdrop to dog portraits.


Our last suggestion is simply to use your own garden – sometimes the best backdrops are simply the places where you dog feels the most comfortable. And, you might surprise yourself by noticing some fantastic lighting literally on your doorstep.

Indoor backdrops

With indoor backdrops, of course you can simply use the backdrop of each room, or try and set up a studio with a plain wall to create simple yet effective backdrops. However, in this article we’re going to be talking about vinyl or paper backdrops that you can purchase to specifically create certain effects.

Obviously, backdrops that approximate the outdoor locations we mentioned above can look great, although you need to make sure your lighting is set up right to make sure the photos look natural. Make sure you buy seamless backdrops, and ensure that you buy a backdrop that’s large enough to cover the studio space.

If you’re looking for fun ideas for indoor backdrops that aren’t just facsimiles of outdoor spaces, here are a few of our top suggestions.

Holiday backdrops

If there’s a holiday coming up, why not try out some fun festive themed backgrounds? You could even combine them with props like a little hat or something (as long as your dog is comfortable with this), to create amazingly cute pet portraits.

Bright colours or patterns

Unlike with outdoor photography, with backdrops for indoor pet photos you’re not limited by what the real world can deliver. So, why not experiment with bright, block colours or patterns to create truly striking pet photography?

Experiment with flooring too

You can also experiment with the flooring you use – rather than just a towel, carpet or the wood floor of the studio, look at getting floordrops with specific effects. These can really level up your posed indoor pet photography and let you take gorgeous portraits.

At Pawtraits by Steve, I’ve got a number of amazing local locations that I regularly visit across Norfolk with beautiful backdrops. Let me know what style of photography you’re looking for, and I’ll help you come up with the perfect backdrop. Get in touch with me here.