Our Mental Health Stance

This may seem a strange post for a photographer page, but one I hope is helpful. 

Having struggled in the past with mental health myself, I learnt quickly we have to talk to others about ourselves, yet sadly we don’t.  Most people have had ⁰amazing experiences in lockdown, but also suffered some really dark times and just don’t know where to go for a simple chat or help.

So it got me thinking, how can I give a little back to those that supported me around 20 years ago? So from today I am going to be giving £5 from every shoot booking to a charity supporting #mentalhealthawareness  

I will at times be promoting contact numbers for people and information based around mental health, and arranging some events when we’re able. 

I do my photography because it gets me away from the pressures of the world, it puts me in a place where I am in control.  I am not doing this to generate business, but simply to raise awareness for all those that need it.  #talk #listentopeople